Using webcam as security camera


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Hello there.

I have a webcam which I do not use for visual communication or social chatting , so I want to put it into use as a security camera for my room. But there is an issue :
I want to make sure that websites or applications which might use webcams connected to my PC do not use it , but webcam should be on for recording purpose. Anything like a firewall for this ?!

P.S. I'm nearly Always connected to net , so I need a solution which doesn't suggest disconnecting from the net.

Thanks in advance.

Agent Smith

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I wouldn't bother messing around with a webcam. You would need to keep the computer on and that = a lot of wasted energy. Just buy something like what was mentioned. Foscam is now Amcrest. Check out their products on their website or at Amazon.

Oh! As to security you want to roll your own VPN for the camera. You can get a router that is compatible with the third party firmware DD-WRT or Asus Merlin which both have VPN capability.