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Discussion in 'Video Cards and Monitors' started by jesse kraus, May 11, 2017.

  1. jesse kraus

    jesse kraus Member

    hello people

    i have a problem. since i use another monitor i had somewhere in the house something really weird happens to some videos. sometimes when i try to watch one, one side of the video is very dark, and there is a thin red line in the middle of the video. the quality of the darker part is also not as good as the normal part, this annoys me very much because i watch youtube almost every day. i also want to say that there is no problem with my gpu or the rest of my pc, because when i used another monitor the problem never occured. can somebody please help me out?
  2. johnb35

    johnb35 Administrator Staff Member

    Bad monitor, only explanation or possible loose video cable connection. But probably bad monitor.
  3. AJDouglas

    AJDouglas New Member

    Do you have different computer, or can you borrow one to plug into the problem monitor? If the same problem persists, we know something is up with your monitor.
  4. TheWildCat

    TheWildCat New Member

    It's HDMI right?
    It's eighter the cable or the socket that is bent/loose. I had a HDMI cable hooked up to a TV and a laptop, my friend stepped on the cable and bent the socket of the TV, so it was showing the thing. Gladly it has 6 of them.

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