Video Camera vs Webcam

I'm trying to find some information on Video Cameras and WebCams but I can't find anything clear cut... Which is "better"?

The 2 particular cameras I'm looking at:

Flip UltraHD video camera and the Creative Chat HD webcam.

They both claim 30 fps, and 1280x720p. Yet there is a $60+ difference between the two. Is the price difference just because one is portable where the other has to be plugged into a computer? Or does one have an over all better quality for videos and such? Thanks in advanced!


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Unless Flips have gotten better over the last few years, they're not that good. It all depends on what you plan on doing with the camera in the end.


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They are both completely different. A webcam is used on your computer primarily for video chat, and the quality is only good enough for that purpose (generally speaking). A video camera such as the Flip is meant to be used for recording events and so forth.