Viewing my html work in browser or other ?

Discussion in 'Internet Discussion' started by Stattovic, Jan 11, 2019.

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    I have Windows 10 Laptop, and use Firefox as my browser.

    I have prepared some text in MS Word with some html for submitting to a web site introduction page.
    However I cannot find a way to look at how this will look in an actual browser, so I can correct errors etc.
    Is it possible to see somewhere how this will come out please.
    Many thanks

    Couple of lines as an example:

    <a href=""<b>Click here</b>>/a> Welcome to the Website of the Army and UKAF cricket website<p>

    <li><b>CSM 2/3 Days</b></br>UKAF and CS Mens matches played over 2/3 days (including First Class</li>

    <li><b>CSM One Day</b></br>UKAF and CS Mens One Day Matches (These include Single innings declaration types and Limited Overs</li>
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    Stick it in notepad++ and save it as an HTML file and open it with your web browser.

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