Arnie Caplan

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I have heard a lot of good things about VPNs and how they can be a good way to protect yourself when using public or shared wifi. They can also be helpful when trying to do certain things online using a different 'home location'. I also like the idea of accessing Netflix USA from Canada.

I decided to do a trial with ExpressVPN. I have tried it on 2 laptops and my android phone. It seems to completely slow down all of my devices. My browsing speed is so slow now that I don't want to continue to use the VPN.

Any suggestions? Should I simply dump the ExpressVPN or should I try a different one?


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I have used ExpressVPN before when i took a trip to china a few years ago. Speed was slow for me too but if you can manually connect to the nearest location to you, the speed should improve.

I have also used NordVPN. In my experience its easier to use compare to ExpressVPN and speed is faster too. NordVPN offer free trial and their subscription is very cheap. Check them out.