Water Cooling - What if it start to leak?

just a noob

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To answer the op's question, if it leaks you're pretty well screwed. If it somehow didn't get fried you might be able to save it with a bath in rubbing alcohol(91%+).

Anyway for prevention most people build the setup and then jump the power supply so that only the watercooling system has power to test for leaks. If there is a leak you fix it and then let the system dry out before trying to power it on


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... you would bring up a 360mm radiator with S-Flex fans. *looks at rig*
Now you've got me all paranoid.

Also, does he keep his cat inside his computer?!
No cats, animals, etc. He does live in an older house, but he just doesn't clean his rads extremely often (once every 2-3 months or so).