WD My Cloud not identified through Nighthawk R7800

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    Windows 10 Home. 1803. Build 17134.376
    Router Netgear Nighthawk x4
    WD Mycloud (4TB)

    Hello, thanks in advance for any help I might receive.

    I have the My Cloud running through my Nighthawk with Cat 5. It was working fine until I set up a VPN (PureVPN). Prior to that I was using OpenVPN and didn't have any problems. Installed PureVPN and the drive disappeared. So I disconnected PureVPN through the Router and I still cannot see the WD Mycloud drive and cannot log into the drive through a browser.

    I have a WD Passport and a Seagate Backup Plus when plugged into the Router through USB I can see and work with both of them.

    The My Cloud is active, platters are spinning and the activity light flashes minimally, not like any data is being transferred. Just flashes every few seconds.

    So far I have:

    Disconnected PureVPN
    Reset the router through the dashboard and have done hard resets, both several times.
    Put on a new Cat 5 cable.
    Deleted all WD Software, cleaned up the files and did a registry clean, both several times.
    Searched for and found one possible solution that did not work which was adding credentials.

    One other thing I did just before the drive disappeared from the Network was to upgrade the R7800 Firmware version to V I installed PureVPN at the same time I did the firmware upgrade.

    I really need to get this drive back up on the network because I and some others need access to some of the data on it. Again, thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Old_Soldier_1958

    Old_Soldier_1958 New Member

    I located the problem. Figured I would post it in case anyone else ran into it.

    The problem was caused by a Signature Collision because I had two drives of the same brand and size attached. Windows XP automatically corrected for Signature Collisions but Windows does not automatically correct Signature Collisions in 7, 8 and 10 and they have to be manually corrected in Disc Management by enabling the disabled drive which changed the signature of the disabled drive once it is enabled.

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