I have 2 HP webcams which are 7 years old. They cost about $100 but they are old. The white balance isn't that good and the resolution isn't that good but on Skype it's perfect but anyway I want to buy a good webcams for my main computer but I really don't want to spend over $100 so does anyone have any suggestions because I don't know anything about webcams. I have an i5 4690 computer if that would make any difference?


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100 bucks on a webcam is unnecessary. Even my 30 dollar webcam I got like 6 years ago still looks decent and is my primary mic for voice chat (when I use it).


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Another option if you own a Android phone is use something like DroidCam. It has a Windows and Linux version and a phone application that turns your Android phone into an IP camera. USB too if you set it up right. Then you don't even need to buy anything, since you already have it.

(Of course if you have the phone you could just use it for Skype).