What Do Ya'll Think?


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Hey. Once Christmas is over I'm getting my new computer. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be getting this case.
Do you guys know a case around this price that's very reliable? Also I want the case I'm getting to have quite a bit of neon :D. Blue to be exact. Also, how much would a stick of blue neon cost to put in my computer? And how would I mount it?

Prof Pwnsworth

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The case is nice and solid, the power suply is also very solid, at 34A on the 12V rail. Cold cathodes, which i think is what your talking about are mounted inside the case, most just have a sticky applicator, or velcro. You just plug it in and put in wherever you want. Their are also LED lights and things of that nature. Ime sure that newegg stocks all types of cold cathodes and LEDs, but if you cant find what you like go to Xoxide.com.


P.I Dragon
omg, that case kicks ass. i was thinking of getting it but it was slightly over my budget. definately get it, its amazing, a friend has it and it looks soo much better in real life, seriously, just press the BUY button.....