What does this mean?

Hi, am doing a build and I saw the mobo specs say for the RAM .... 2400 MHz, 2133 MHz, 2666 MHz, 2800 MHz (O.C.), 3000 MHz (O.C.), 3200 MHz (O.C.)

Does this mean I can only buy upto 2666 MHz? Or does it mean I can buy 3200 MHz but only if my CPU is over clocked?

Sorry but I don't get how to interpret this :(

The mobo is an ASUS STRIX B450-F.


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Basically any speed with (OC) after it indicates it's not technically an official supported speed but they've had some sticks run at that speed with success.

Unrelated to your CPU, strictly talking about RAM speeds and considers it overclocking, even if the RAM is supposed to run at it. For instance my mobo specs says up to 3200MHz (OC) and the highest speed officially is 2666MHz. My 2x8GB kit is rated at 3200MHz but I could only ever get it to work and stay stabled at 2933. Technically still overclocked but not quite what is supposedly possible. I've heard other people with different sets of 3200MHz RAM run it just fine on that same board. Just kinda depends. Generally though you can expect it to run those speeds or close to if your RAM is rated for it.
Ok, thanks.

So, if I get some 16gigger sticks of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz,

It means that the 3200 is not guaranteed but I might get close to that speed???

Also, what does the PC4-25600 mean?