What is better? All in one or separate devices.

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras, Webcams and Scanners' started by flameup, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. flameup

    flameup New Member

    I need also printer to print my photos and I wonder what is better all in one (with scanner) or seoparate printer.
    I consider Cannon 520
  2. sokol

    sokol New Member

    In my opinion its not worth it you pay less to get them printed at wal-mart or any other place. Why cause when printing photo's it take out alot of color. You may be able to print 3 -5 photo's any maybe less. If you don't print alot then its good, but if you want to print alot of photos then its not worth it. There are alot of printers out there that do everything, scan, fax, print etc. HP, Canon, Brother have great printers. Here is someone you might want to look at. This is link for top 5 photo printers - http://reviews.cnet.com/best-inkjet-printers/?tag=rb_content;contentNav and here is for top 5 all in one printers http://reviews.cnet.com/best-all-in-one-printers/?tag=rb_content;contentNav hope this helps. Also check the prices of ink cartridges.
  3. bomberboysk

    bomberboysk Active Member

    Id get a dedicated photo printer, dye sublimation- fixed cost per page, i have a kodak photo printer 500 and love it, nice and small for traveling too.
  4. MagnumC

    MagnumC New Member

    all in one would be nice.. but if one is complicated then you cant use the other functions while its in the shop.. separate devices would be costly.. but if one needs to be fixed you can still use the others..

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