What is latest desktop configuration in india?

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by jazzychitu, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. jazzychitu

    jazzychitu New Member

    Hi..! I am planning to upgrade my cpu.!! Can you suggest me the latest configuration for the cpu without the monitor,mouse,keyboard!! My budget for the cpu alone is Rs.20k-25k..What is the latest motherboard,processor,ram,gfx card,hdd in the indian market to fit in my budget? Pls let me know as soon as possible!!! I would be really grateful and will be eagerly waiting for the reply!
  2. konsole

    konsole Member

    so roughly $500 max?

    well here are the latest components

    Intel i7
    AMD Phenom II X4

    whichever supports either of the above 2 processors

    DDR3 2133

    gfx card...
    ATI Radeon HD 4890
    Nvidia GTX 295

    hard drive...
    SSD (solid state drive) 512gb

    To keep it under $500 obviously you wont be able to use those components, but you can start by browsing newegg.com and get an idea for how much these cost and then start dropping to less faster equipment until you reach your price target. If components are comparative to price in India as they are in the states then someone can give you suggestions but until we have some idea of how much components cost for you we can't help a whole lot.
  3. ImPacT

    ImPacT New Member

    You should be able to get the intel i7 processor if you'd like. Unless I read it wroung I think he said that he has 500 to spend on a processor alone.
  4. konsole

    konsole Member

    ya your probably right, he just confused me by adding the word "configuration" and by also saying he doesnt need a monitor, mouse and keyboard which means someone is looking for the tower part or the computer.

    So lets get this straight jazzy, are you looking for the tower part of the computer complete with processor, memory, hard drive and all that? Or are you just looking for a processor itself?
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  5. jazzychitu

    jazzychitu New Member

    yeah the tower part only including the processor,motherboard,ram,hdd,gfx not exceeding Rs.25000/- Pls give me the latest best configuration in India..

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