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Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by Lukeh, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Lukeh

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    Hey, i recently bought a ASUS P5N-E SLI Motherboard. my plan was to exchange everything out of my Dell xps 420 Desktop computer but its not going to well. From what i can see, the motherboard says it is quad core compatible, but when i put my Q6600 from my dell, into it. and attach the cooler, then power up the machine the fans will spin for about 2seconds and then it will cut off. i tried removing the ram graphics card etc, but that didn't seem to fix it. so i removed the CPU cooler and CPU, then proceeded to power up the pc. volla the fans spin and dont knock off but obv i cant do anything without a CPU :eek:

    What im trying to ask is why dose it cutt off in my new Asus mobo only when i attach the CPU. The CPU is not damaged. i took it out of my dell xps 420 which is a BTX styled motherboard. the asus is ATX. would this make a difference?
    I am nearly sure they are both socket 775 isent that the only socket the Q6600 comes in? i took a look at the MOBO pin layouts for the CPU and noticed they are different. the Q6600 has a "T" shaped pin layout out the main CPU. and the pin layouts on both of the mobos are different. Would buying a new CPU fix this problem? Please anyone who has a idea please get back to me. because i dont want to buy a new CPU and then it dose the same thing. Im looking to purchase this new CPU if you guys think its the problem.

    http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showp...LGA775 'Wolfdale' 2.53GHz (1066FSB) - Retail

    The Intel core 2 duo E7200, looks like a nice core 2 duo CPU. Looks very overclockable which im going to be doing once i get everything running.

    By the way im using a Antec 900 for my new build, 8800GT 512MB Graphics card, Dells Stock ram 3Gigs, Corsair TX 650W PSU, the dells hard drive *cant rember size* and i think thats about it.

    Please get back to me with any info you might think is critical. :eek:

    Or If you need any more info from me. please reply. :cool:

  2. Lukeh

    Lukeh New Member

    Anyone have a clue? this problem is annoying me :(
  3. vix

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    What BIOS version is your motherboard running on? The board itself may support the Q6600, but to do so it may require the latest BIOS version. I had a very similar problem with my Asus Maximus boards, and found that the stock BIOS version did NOT support the CPUs. After flashing my BIOS to the latest revision that supported my processors, the system booted up just fine.
  4. Lukeh

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    I don't think you understood what i said :D

    When i press the power button on the system, the fans will spin and the PC will shut off, in about 2 seconds. so i cant even get into my bios nor it cant even make it to post. ^^ by the way this is a newly built system from parts taken from my dell xps 420, and like i said when i removed the CPU the fans would power up and STAY on but the computer cant do anything without a CPU... :p

    I also got the Q6600 From my dell xps 420. and like i said i noticed the pin layouts where different. can you get different versions of the Q6600? i rang dell and they said their Q6600 processor will only work in selected dell motherboards?... is this true?

    If so do you think that replacing the CPU will fix this problem? and do you think that it is accully the CPU causing the problem maybe not getting in contact with the pins etc?
  5. TrainTrackHack

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    That's usually what happens when the version of BIOS you have doesn't support the CPU. The only way to flash the BIOS would be to drop in a CPU that works, get the BIOS flashed, and then try the Q6600. If the BIOS doesn't support the CPU, chances are it ain't gonna post or get in the BIOS setup at all.
  6. Lukeh

    Lukeh New Member

    I guess ill go ahead and buy that Core 2 duo and try it out hope it helps. ill buy it in a week or so.
  7. 2048Megabytes

    2048Megabytes Active Member

    So, Intel makes special Q6600 processors just for Dell? I highly doubt that. Sounds like Dell technical support doesn't know what they are talking about or someone is a liar.
  8. vix

    vix New Member

    A Q6600 from a Dell is identical to any other Q6600. Are you sure you're inserting the chip with the right alignment? IT ONLY FITS IF IT'S FACING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Have you ever seen OEM CPUs being sold? What do you think an OEM processor is?

    As far as the power on and or on a 2-3 sec inverval, thats what I was telling you in the above post. That is EXACTLY what happened until I updated the BIOS. If you don't have another compatible CPU to boot the system with to update your BIOS, consider taking it to a local shop and have them update it for you with one of their chips.
  9. ScOuT

    ScOuT VIP Member

    I have that exact same board.....the Quad are not supported until 608 BIOS versions. Here is the link for the BIOS upgrade you need. Version 1101 is the latest and greatest. The Q6600 will work in it regardless of what Dell says. The Q6600 is supported in one of the first versions of the BIOS, that's weird, I wonder what version you have?


    -Put the BIOS on a memory stick and shut down the computer.
    -Plug the stick in and start the computer.
    -Hit delete to enter BIOS setup, once there scroll to the right to "tools" once in there select EZflash and a new screen will come up.
    -Select the drive letter that is your memory stick and wait for it to read it.
    -You'll see the BIOS on the memory stick, it will look like 1101.BIN.
    -Highlight that and hit yes and it will update.

    Here is the supported processor list, both versions of the Q6600 are on there.
    http://support.asus.com/cpusupport/cpusupport.aspx?SLanguage=en-us&model=P5N-E SLI

    It explains it step by step in the manual. Any other questions about the board just ask me....I know it inside and out! :)

    Case : XION II w/12” green cold cathode
    Motherboard : Asus P5N-E 650i @ 1532 FSB
    CPU : Intel Q9300 @ 2.875 GHz
    CPU Cooler : Cooler Master Hyper TX2
    RAM : Corsair XMS2 Pro/pc6400/ 4x1GB/ @800 MHz
    Graphics : Evga 9800 GTX @ 760 MHz
    PSU : Antec Neo Power 650w / modular cables
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