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    I'm looking for a small laptop to buy. I'm looking for:
    - yoga
    - touchscreen
    - matte display (preferably)
    - important: 11.6 inches (if not, then 12.5 maximum)

    These are the main features I want to find. Apart from that, 4GB/8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, i5/i7.

    Its purpose would be using programms like Adobe Illustator (use as a drawing tablet) / Photoshop / After Effects plus some code editors rather to review the code than work on it. My main laptop is 17 inch so it's too uncomfortable for me to carry it around. I also want to have something to make notes on.

    So far I was finding laptops meeting these conditions, but they were always 13 inches at least, usually 15. The small ones I found had very poor specifications.

    The price range doesn't matter. Have you maybe seen something that would meet these requirements?
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    microsoft surface pro

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