What memory should I go with?


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I'm looking at getting back into coding, and currently work some fairly hefty spreadsheets, and access databases. I'm going to purchase a new laptop, but am stuck on the storage.

Which would be a better option for the planned usage:
1 TB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD or
1 TB Intel® SSD + 32 GB Intel® Optane™ memory


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You're discussing storage, not memory.
That being said, the single 1TB NVMe drive is fine.


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The optane combo drives are kinda eh. They usually pair slow QLC like on the 660/665p drives with an Optane buffer.

If you have a better branded nvme-only drive you can sustain higher transfer rates working with bulk data, as the Optane drive is forced to 2x PCIE lanes instead of 4, in addition to having a faster TLC based drive. Transfer rates tank pretty hard when the drive approaches capacity

There's a few comparison reviews such as at Anandtech