what should i upgrade first on a potato pc


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Upgrade to at least 8gb of ram. If you game then you would need a better video card. Also a cheap 250gb SSD would help with speed.
Does your system support 64bit processing and if it does I would upgrade the ram to 8gb specifically duel channel
If you’re a gamer definitely you would benefit from a better gpu
If you have a 32bit system the computer won’t be able to use more than 4gb of ram
Check the max expandable ram the motherboard can use


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Depends what you're trying to do. That video card is super low end, and 4 GB isn't enough to run most things. Those would be your play on a budget. Otherwise I'd just save for an entirely new system.
If you have a 32bit system the computer
2500 = 64 bit, but he may have to verify which version of Windows is installed, which has a high probability of being 64 bit.


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If you're trying to game, buy a used console as you'd pretty much have to start from scratch. If you just want a snappier computer, RAM and an SSD would be first steps.


$300 to $350 can get a nice used I7 12gb to 16gb ram and a 1.5tb hd. 4 1/2 months ago I got Dell XP $280 all I need to change is the video card it is a really nice computer. Check Facebook market place and Craigslist in your area or Newegg for a nice used computer.

Here are the specs full specs of the computer I got