What to look for?


I will first start off by saying when it comes to electronics I am no where near the pro like most of you, so hopefully some guidance will be giving and I appreciate.

What do you guys look for in a laptop depending on your purpose? Is it just rem size or what exactly?

Reason I ask is because I am in need of laptop. Currently my use for this laptop would be to back up my phone, iTunes for my music, some internet surfing, and pictures. Depending on future things in my life I may need to use it for word or excel. So what things should one look at with this usage? One can easily get caught up and just go to a local Walmart and see a laptop for $299 and think “that’s perfect!” But not know it’s crap.
you say you might use it for word or excel personally i would get 8 gigs of ram although 4 would be enough with a good processor
as for music, pictures or other data 1tb hard disk would be suitable
you dont mention games so intergrated gpu should be sufficient
any questions just write back


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although 4 would be enough with a good processor
It's 2020, 8GB is like the bare bonez theez dayz brahz plus it's super inexpensive.

Depends what you want to do, what you listed out is a pretty lightweight use case so most anything would suit. Most things Ryzen or i5 is at least what you'd want. I'd demo one in store and then pick the physical features you like most such as display, layout and material. If it says 'wifi 6' on it it should also be decent because those are only included on the latest gen laptops by default, although generally on midrange or higher systems.


Yea I do not plan to use this for games. I will in future either build a system for games or get a gaming laptop, not sure which route I’ll take then, but that can wait during that time.

Even with pictures I will most likely upload them to a external HD so I don’t end up losing or anything, but a basic laptop I feel would be helpful.

Thank you guys for the advise giving, I will check some models out in person at some local stores to see what I am liking. Are there any brands to stay away from?