What would be a good gaming upgrade from a GTX 770 on my Core2 Quad system?

Robert P

I'm running an older system with a Core2 Quad Q9550 currently OC'd to 3.6 gig. Win7, 850W PSU, Gigabyte EP45 DS3L board, Asus GTX770 2GB gpu.

The titles I have are Battlefield 1, Battlefield 3 & 4, Battlefield Bad Company 2.

I use my 42" 1080p TV as a monitor.

Is there something that would run on my system that you think would give me a noticeable improvement in the video experience over the GTX770?

Robert P

what sort of performance are you getting now with the games you're running?
Per Fraps BF Bad Company 2 with everything max'd out runs as high as 200 fps depending on what I'm looking at - apparently sky and underbrush don't take as much power to render, as expected the newer games make more demands on the system. On medium settings within the game Battlefield 1 seems to run from 30 or so fps to maybe 50/60 depending on what's going on. However it really bogs setting everything on Ultra. I'm hoping maybe a beefier GPU might raise that a bit. Going to all SSD helped some, particularly noticeable on BF1. The framerate still isn't great but it runs smoother.
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A GTX 1650 (or AMD equivalent) is probably all I'd go up to for what you've got.

Although the Core 2 Quad is ancient... not sure I'd want to invest in hardware for that thing.

geek 0001

The Core2 Quad is a pretty old CPU by today's standards. I recently gave a q9400 based system to my nephew to play Fortnite, but it even struggles with that now. I'm considering trying to overclock the crap out of it, but I can't get it to work atm... The Quad is also missing the instruction sets needed to play certain modern games like Apex Legends as well, and there doesn't seem to be any sort of patch for this.

My advice would be to get a new motherboard and CPU at this rate.