where and how to install microphone driver?

Discussion in 'Sound Cards and Speakers' started by glory88, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. glory88

    glory88 New Member

    After I reinstalled my computer, I found that there is speaker's driver but no microphone's driver. When I use Skype, I can't "Call someone on video" because microphone's driver is not installed.
    How to install and where to install?
    Can someone please help me?

    Operating system:
    Windows Vista
    Speaker's driver:
    High Definition Audio Driver
  2. atthedouble2

    atthedouble2 New Member

    Is it a built in mic?

    If it is, try right clicking on 'my computer>properties>device manager, and it should be under 'audio devices' or something like that. Right click on the microphone device and click properties. Then there should be an option to either install driver, update it, or uninstall it (the latter should be greyed out if there is no driver installed)

    If updating or installing doesnt work, you could try uninstalling the driver (if it lets you) and then press 'detect hardware changes' in the device manager window, and it might install it for you!

    If it's not a built in microphone, then if a CD came wth it, try using that, or try the manufacturers website. But i've never heard or an external mic needing drivers....

    Hope this helps
  3. Zatharus

    Zatharus VIP Member

    Wait a sec... Do you mean webcam driver?

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