Which 27” Monitor to Buy???

Discussion in 'Video Cards and Monitors' started by EZCUSE, Dec 23, 2019.


    EZCUSE New Member

    I am looking at three monitors:
    LG- 27UL600W
    Dell- U2718Q

    Mostly for work purposes but also for surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, streaming a sports event, etc.

    What should I buy?
  2. revolution221

    revolution221 Member

    My two cents:
    I'd choose the BenQ or the Dell for better contrast ratio
    Both are scarily similar with some exceptions:
    1. The BenQ has built in speakers while the Dell one does not (probably bad quality anyway but still)
    2. The Dell has much smaller Bezels which is a definite plus (probably due to the lack of speakers and the BenQ having a built in power supply)
    3. Both tilt reasonably well
    4. The BenQ is $50 cheaper (before tax and comparing the two manufacturer sites)

    Over a $50 difference I'd personally get the Dell for better image quality
    But if you go with the BenQ, you could spend that $50 extra on something else like external amp, headphones, mouse, keyboard, etc.

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