Which AMD PC is better for gaming

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Which PC is better?

  1. PC 1

  2. PC 2

  3. PC 3

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  1. IronVeil

    IronVeil New Member

    I have found two PC's online. Which one is better for gaming and also upgradable

    PC 1:
    AMD A8 9600
    8GB DDR4 RAM
    Built-In Radeon R7

    PC 2:
    AMD A8 7600
    8GB DDR3 RAM
    Built-In Radeon R7

    PC 3:
    Intel Core 2 Quad
    8GB DDR2 RAM
    GT 730
  2. beers

    beers Moderator Staff Member

    They're all pretty low end, but if you absolutely must choose between those three options then pick #1 every time. It at least integrates the AM4 socket for future expandability.

    Build 2 is on the EOL FM2+ socket, PC3 obviously is like a decade old already.
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  3. Cisco001

    Cisco001 Well-Known Member

    What is your budget?

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