Which Components for After Effects CC & Gaming?

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by Chris_110, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Chris_110

    Chris_110 New Member

    Hi :)

    I want to know what components i should buy if i want to use my PC for After Effects CC or & Gaming.

    I saw already prices like for 1500 USD but that´s way too much for me. Important is i can render more fast than with my old notebook (GT 555M with 2.30ghz intel).
    Also i want that i can see my changes without my pc has to load. So it should be that i press on any second i want of my created Composition without the program has to load until I can see the change.

    For gaming it should be also. Not 4K but Full HD at least and also here without any bigger problems.

    Which Graphic Chip I should buy, processor, motherboard...and so on.

    Thank you very much everyone ;)
  2. _Glitch

    _Glitch Active Member

    Wait for Kaby lake. It's right around the corner. Q1 this year.
  3. Chris_110

    Chris_110 New Member

    Maybe it will be very expansive?
  4. Laquer Head

    Laquer Head Well-Known Member

    Kaby Lake has been released and is 100% available in Canada, so I can't see why the US wouldn't have them now.

    I'd definitely be looking into a new Z270 motherboard and Intel 7th gen CPU. For gaming and the Adobe software you use, I'd probably recommend an i7 - the only question is do you need a K-series or not? Do you plan to do overclocking?

    16GB of DDR4 is pretty much the norm now, but 32, 64..is not unheard of - but probably overkill.

    Definitely be getting a solid state drive for your 'C' drive. If the budget allows, I'd say go all out an get a PCIE NVME M.2 Solid state drive, they are more money, but literally 5-6 times faster than traditional sata3.

    As for graphics, I'm an Nvidia guy - I own a 1080 but that kinda breaks the budget, so a GTX 1070 would be an excellent choice. My 1080 runs perfect off a Corsair 650W power supply, I'd say 650W is more than enough!

    This gets you the basis for a pretty slick machine. Kaby Lake/7th gen literally just hit stores, so you'll be in terrific shape!
  5. Chris_110

    Chris_110 New Member

    Yes I think the 6700k should be enough for now. As long as it runs all Element 3D from Video Copilot :)

    In Philippines here stuff gets so late released anyway. I could import stuff but they charge me still that 12% tax + a high shipping fee. The 6700k is almost the best one i can get here.

    I don´t plan overclocking...I don´t know anything about that. It´s maybe just good to have that option. It will be only 10 USD difference between k versions so I think it will be fine hehe.

    Graphics I choose the 1070 GameRock edition. That should fit also perfectly for games and Adobe After Effects...also the price is really good. Nvidea + Intel I used also always in the past. 7th gen might be really expansive. For AMD I don´t like to wait...have the feeling they spend alot of money into commercials. Intel was anyway always better even if more expansive.

    Anyways, thanks for all your answers & your great help :)

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