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  1. Carl700

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    Hi everyone,

    Been using an old laptop for long time. Need to get new. The incredible wide selection in the market place only makes it harder to choose. I narrowed my selection between 3 models. Would someone help/advise, which one of them laptops, be a GREAT buy (in local area, no other choice, so please no need to suggest other models). Thanks.

    Note: It will be for browsing, open multi-windows at a time, watch videos, stock market prices/trading some of the time. Not into gaming, streaming, etc.

    Choice 1: Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro.
    Intel Core M Processor (1.60 GHz)
    13.3" QHD+ LED Glossy Multi-touch with integrated camera
    512 GB SSD
    Win 8.1 OS
    Color Silver.

    Brand New factory sealed box. Date Man: 02/2015.
    Special Offer US$600 (Original price over $1500).


    Choice 2: Lenovo Ideapad S540
    14 inch FHD
    i7 8Gen 8565U
    RAM 12 GB DDR3 & SSD 1TB
    Win 10 Home
    Nvidia Geforce 2 GB
    Price US$1100


    Choice 3: Lenovo Idea Pad 130
    i7 8Gen
    8GB RAM
    1TB HDD
    Win 10 Home
    NVIDIA GeForce MX110 2GB GDDR5 Graphics
    15.6 Inches HD Display
    Price US$550

    Thank you guys in advance, for yr input here. Really need to get new PC/laptop soon, as in now!
  2. johnb35

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    You can forget about choice #1 as its technology is already 5 years old.

    As far as choice 2 and 3 go, would need to know exact cpu choice 3 has and what video card choice 2 has.

    Since this won't be for gaming, you can utilize onboard video and save money. I'm sure there would be other models that would be more suitable to use.
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  3. Intel_man

    Intel_man VIP Member

    Do you have the exact model number of choice 2 & 3?

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