Which is better mac or Windows


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It comes down to personal preference ultimately.

Personally, I used Windows for web design for years, however once I got into the current trashfire fad of JavaScript-powered development (React, Vue, Node, etc) I found myself needing a native *nix setup, and WSL was not cutting it. And while a lot of the tools are cross-platform, I noticed there was more support for macOS than for Windows or Linux, and a lot of the guides are written for macOS, because that's what a lot of the leading developers in the web development space are using.

So I bought a Mac mini in the middle of summer last year (wish I had waited for M1 but didn't know how good compatibility was going to be) and my workflow has been so much easier.

I also run Fedora 34 on a Thinkpad X230 and it's not a bad setup at all, very capable.

Windows does offer WSL (allows you to run Linux on Windows) and it works decently for the majority of things, however it's a memory hog and had some other issues for me. Your mileage may be better.