Which network card for case USB


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For some reason my USB 2.0 headers on my motherboard are not working anymore. This means I have no access to USB 2.0 on the front side of my case. I want to buy a network card (PCI-express x4) that features connectors which are the same as on the motherboard so I can connect those USB connectors on the front of the case to it, and as 'bonus' have some extra USB (3.0) ports at the back of the pc as well. I have been looking around but I cannot find a suitable card. Anybody a suggestion?


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Why specifically 4x? A 1x slot provides more than enough bandwidth for 2.0 and there are plenty on the market.

For 3.0 you should still alright as the 5 Gbps xfer rate nix overhead about matches the 4 Gbps PCIE 2.0 1x bus.