Which PSU is most suitable for i7-6700k?

Discussion in 'Computer Cases, Power Supplies and Cooling' started by Miriam, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Miriam

    Miriam New Member

    I have been trying to get my PC to boot for ages now only to recently discover that the problem lay with the PSU, not my motherboard. I have asked so many people but no one seems to be able to recommend a suitable PSU for my build. I would really appreciate any suggestions or help with this issue, thanks!
    intel core i7-6700k
    GTX 1080
    Asus Z-170 deluxe mobo
    corsair vengeance 16GB RAM
    corsair H115i CPU cooler
    Asus STX soundcard II
    LG OS drive
    PSU (incompatible): EVGA Supernova 850w
    I have calculated the approximate wattage needed for the system which is around 450-500w

    If anyone could suggest a PSU compatible with this build I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. beers

    beers Moderator Staff Member

    That PSU should work with your system. Who is telling you it's incompatible?
  3. Miriam

    Miriam New Member

    Hi there, I have not been told that it is definitely incompatible, it was just suggested to me and I thought that must be it because I honestly have no idea what the problem could be anymore, I even RMAd the mobo although I don't think it was faulty but i still can't get the system to boot.
  4. Intel_man

    Intel_man VIP Member

    At what stage does it not want to boot? Does the mobo light up at all or any fans spool up at all? Or do you get that but it doesn't POST properly?
  5. Miriam

    Miriam New Member

    I turn on the PSU and then the power button on the chassis and the mobo lights up, but there are no LEDs flashing to indicate that there is a problem, the BIOS also doesn't beep or anything, it doesn't boot after this and none of the fans spin either and they are connected properly.
  6. YourDigitalJester

    YourDigitalJester Member

    I had that issue, for me it was when i nuked the power supply. When i swapped my i7 in my pc it killed my PSU, and as soon as i put a new one in it worked better than ever. My suggestion to you is getting a new power supply :) I checked mine with the paperclip trick and it still spins the fan, but it wont power a mobo past the lights, sounds like the same deal for you
  7. Deadpool

    Deadpool Member

    There are lots of good units out there. The Supernova series probably being one of the best. How much are you willing to spend? Have you tried a different PSU to make sure that is the problem?

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