Which TV is better please?

Which TV is better please?

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I hope this is the right forum? if not, please move it to the right one. Thanks.

I have two TV's in mind but can't decide which one is better? Can you advise me please? The model's I'm looking at are:

SONY BRAVIA KD43XG8096BU (£549.00)
LG 43UM7600PLB (£399.00)

Both are 43" my current TV (Toshiba) is a 32". The only reason I'm upgrading is that I would like to connect to WIFI to watch BBCi Player, UKTV Play etc. I have looked at both sets, and have been told that the Sony has a habit of dropping conection at variouse times.

Which has the better sound and colour?

Both have sports, vivid, cinema, etc. I did find the Sony remote more user friendly then the LG, but can't make up my mind which is the better set.

Many thanks and hope you can help?Box1.jpg Box2.jpg