Who Uses EaseUS? Is what they are doing, legal?

is this legal

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Howdy all. I'm a reseller for EaseUS and a customer who purchased partition master unlimited come to me complaining that his key was locked, keep in mind this is "UNLIMITED" and advertised as "install on unlimited pc's/laptops" now lets get to the live chat screenshot. Also I selected the option to send a chatlog, mysteriously, they didnt send it.. I asked twice. luckily I took screenshots.



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I guess it goes into the bucket where "lifetime" doesn't mean your lifetime, it means 7 years or how certain cell providers sell "unlimited" data plans that cap out at 18GB.

You are asking people that aren't legal experts to vote on the legality of this situation. Doesn't matter what we think as to whether it should be legal or not only the courts can decide.


I think "Is this legal" is not the correct question.
The correct question is, "Is this ethical?"
And, you don't need a poll to answer that !


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unfortunately i can't seem to change the subject.

besides, imo a limited unlimited license makes no sense. and especially in the last chat when he states that what they are advertising literally does not exist and is there by mistake yet has been sold to millions for years

what makes this even more interesting is that when i messaged them as a potential customer looking to purchase an unlimited licence, they told me there is no 99pc limit... so, there is or isnt or there is and isnt at the same time like the limited unlimited :)
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