Why is my Graphics card acting weird all of a sudden

Discussion in 'Video Cards and Monitors' started by 0bAm3, Apr 2, 2018.

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    i recently bought a new gaming computer. it had a core i5-7400 and an AMD Radeon rx 580 armor graphics card.
    It was fine, cpu was doing good, gpu, ram, etc. and i recently bought gta 5 and have been playing it a LOT. I insialled CPUID HWMonitor to monitor the temps when i first got the pc.
    My graphics card has been working fine and i kept it at around 65-70°c at max and i wlways took 30 second or less breaks when i played to lower the temps down to 51°c because i dident want my card to break.
    When i first bought my pc, i opened the sides to cool it down because i thought it would help and later i put a house fan because i was scared that 65°c was hot. it lowered temps down to 45-53°c.
    i was afraid i was damaging the pc so i removed the fan and closed it back up and it was ok for a day or two until when i was playing gta, my graphcis card fan started being super loud and instead of the usual 1000-1500 rpm it was going 2000+ rpm and my temp was only at 65°c witch usually has like 1300 rpm.
    I ran a benchmark test and it said that my graphics card was performing below expectations and said 68% or something
    i am too scared to open up the card because i am scared i will break it and i cant afford another computer. im guessing thermal paste is dried but i dont really know. this scared me.
    or it could be that todays weather was hotter than ususal and my a/c is broken
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    Is it on the older drivers? I heard there was an overheating issue with 580's on 480 drivers. Try checking those.

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