Why is my hard drive being identified as SSD?


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So for the past several weeks I've had trouble using Defraggler because it was no longer listing my C: drive in the list of drives to defragment. After selecting the option to "Show SSD drives," the C: drive *did* appear in the list. But my C: drive is an HDD, not SSD.

So now I'm worried about using Defraggler on it, because if it recognizes it as an SSD, it will most likely defrag it improperly.

CCleaner and Speccy also identify my C: drive as SSD. Does anyone know why this would happen all of a sudden, and how I might fix it?

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Wow, seems like it's been an issue for two years at least! This is disappointing. It was such a good defragger before. Maybe I need to look into another one now. Thanks for looking up that thread. I've been in contact with the company's customer support, but the person even said they don't know why it's doing this, which sounded as if they had never heard of the issue before!


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Defragging is like... not really necessary anymore and hasn't been for probably a decade.