Why is my sound not working?

I bought this laptop about 6 months ago. Haven't really used it that much. But I think I remember sound working at some point...

Here is a Print Screen of my device manager. Videos also have some trouble playing, but they usually are able to play after a while. The trouble is with file videos and also videos embedded in web pages.

When opening files, the video usually doesn't play unless I open it in VLC Media Player. And even then, it's 50/50.

I just ran Avast and Malwarebytes and it found nothing. Where should I start looking to solve/diagnose this problem? On device manager, which one is my sound card? They all say they're working properly when I click on it.


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Most likely its the realtek one. The AMD one is most likely the hdmi audio. Couldn't tell you why its not working all the time. Could be driver related.