Wifi transmission from a USB 3.0 Device (Camera)

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Is a NUC the only option ?

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  1. Ernest Joyner

    Ernest Joyner New Member

    I have a New astrophotography camera and it is USB 3.0 . Since the cable it comes with is only 5 ft. long and extension cables do not send the signals fast enough i want to somehow send it from the place of use (Telescope) to my laptop per wifi signal. The speed needs to be high enough to transfer the data and I also needs USB power to the camera (2.6 watts) . I was going to buy a intel NUC to do this, with it directly connected to the camera and sending the data per wifi to the remote laptop, but is there another way I can transmit the signals over a distance of 50-100 feet wirelessly to my home wifi network? The network is strong enough to get signals outside my home and I can use Canon eos with wifi for that purpose, but this new camera is a CCD camera with no wifi transmission. I need about 5-10 mb/sec transmission rates
  2. Agent Smith

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