Will more RAM improve my gaming experience?


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My Acer has 8GB DDR3 RAM (2x4) and a 2GB VRAM GPU ( according to many sites, the GPU is capable to extend its capacity to 4GB). If I extend my RAM to 16GB, will I get more FPS?



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You probably have a low end GPU, 2 GB cards aren't really as viable anymore. Performance depends more than just VRAM quantity. What specific card do you have and what games do you play? What about the rest of your system specs?

If your RAM utilization is generally over 85%ish then you'd notice an upgrade. RAM quantity itself wouldn't necessarily 'push more' FPS but you might 'drop less' frames by not having to swap and similar. For 2021 I feel like 16 GB is the minimum you'd want for a smooth experience.


I think right now, if your sporting a 2gb video card, that's along the lines of the 7XX series from Nvidia. -Not sure the equivalent for the AMD radeon lines.

That being said, I've never heard of any video card being able to upgrade it's ram. But as was pointed out by Beers, any video card sporting 2GB of ram is not up to playing modern day games. I'm not even sure Everquest could run very well on a 2GB card nowadays, if only because any 2GB video card is pretty low end.
I did install, recently, a Nvidia GT 710 2GB card in a budget desktop that was manufactured in 2017, but the CPU itself was using l only 6.5 watts, so a dedicated graphic card was a massive improvement. The CPU was released in 2016.

See "Project Lenovo" thread for details.
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