Will SSD's replace HDD's?

Discussion in 'Computer Memory and Hard Drives' started by slackercruster, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. slackercruster

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    Seems that many laptops and some desktops are now going to SSD boot drives and using HDD's for the main storage. If SSD's come down in $$, do you think HDD's will be phased out?
  2. Shlouski

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    Not just hdd's, most likely ssd's will also be replaced more and more by m.2 nvme's to save space and improve performance.
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  3. _Kyle_

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    SSDs are already replacing HDDs. Prices for SSDs have dropped significantly and eventually with our ever advancing technology the cost to manufacture a HDD over a SSD of the same capacity will be more expensive, pretty much rendering HDDs redundant.

    Flash memory is the standard now; therefore, mechanical drives are going extinct. Tape drives and hard drives are still popular with those who need to store large amounts of data, but only because they are relatively cheaper than SSDs at the moment. (Tape drive readers are quite pricey, but the tape itself compared to the data it stores is a bargain)

    SSD prices have also dropped drastically within the past few years. A few years ago, a 1TB SSD would cost something around $400+. Nowadays, you can get a decent one around $150, maybe even cheaper.


    Another reason that HDDs are vanishing is because they are not an ideal choice of storage to put in a mobile device. They are bulkier than SSDs, and can be sensitive to bumps and jostles.
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  4. Darren

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    This is already happening. I work for a cloud/networked storage company and a lot of our hardware is entirely flash based and it's becoming more and more prevalent. A lot of laptops and even some desktops now just have SSD's as the only drive. The interface will likely adjust with time (like M.2 or PCI-E) but spinning mechanical drives are going to be more and more used for archival purposes than actual data access and read/write.

    I spent $120 for my 120GB Samsung Evo SSD probably 4 years ago. You can get a 1TB M.2 drive for about that now.
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  5. beers

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    The feels. My 128 GB Crucial C300 was like $250 in 2010 lol.

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