Windows 10 boots amazingly fast but loads SO HELLA SLOW

Wtf is wrong with my computer now.
My boot times from pressing power button to login ranges from 10-20 seconds but after entering the password, it takes FOREVER to load everything until I can use it properly. If I touch something, even explorer.exe does not respond and all of it won't either.

This issue just appeared this morning.

Intel i3-8100
MSI GTX 1050Ti 4GB
8GB @2400 MHz RAM
240 GB Kingston SSD (fairly new)
2TB Seagate HDD (very new)
Unknown cheap ass PSU


Staff member
Test the HDD with SeaTools. Does it show up in explorer or disk management?
Additional note

Before it also had an issue where windows does not read it but BIOS can until I switched up the PSU. Now it has lower wattage but still a cheap one. It worked perfectly fine after that switch until yesterday came and it screwed up.