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Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by martin rosenfeld, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. martin rosenfeld

    martin rosenfeld New Member

    If you are getting a new computer make sure you get the windows 10 version 1903 only. It is now available on disk at the Microsoft store or who ever sells it. You can now delay windows update 7 days on home edition. My computer will be custom built for me and will not get older windows 10 and update. some new computers will come with older version windows 10
  2. _Pete_

    _Pete_ Active Member

    I have just upgraded two of my computers to version 1903 and both of them have been giving me randon internet dropouts. My Toshiba laptop touchpad has a mind of it's own with that version of Windows on. As I cannot revert to the previous version I have put Windows 7 back on both those laptops which is a nuisance as my printers only work with Win 10. Back on Windows 7 and both computers work fine. Those of you who are going to tell me that I can revert to a previous version of Windows 10 would be wrong because I always do a clean install when I upgrade. One of the pitfalls of the way I do it I suppose.
  3. digzu

    digzu New Member

    @_Pete_, mind sharing the WLAN drivers installed and the WLAN chipset? Might be a known issue of some sorts.

    Also try disabling 5Ghz WLAN on your router and see if that stops/lessens the dropouts since I know some older chips that were used in some Macs seem to act screwy with 5Ghz...
  4. OmniDyne

    OmniDyne Active Member

    Put Windows 7 back on? As in they originally came with Windows 7? How old are the laptops? Sounds like a legacy hardware problem; maybe buy a new laptop?

    I was upgraded to 1903 last night with, as always, zero issues. Downloaded and installed in minutes.
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  5. digzu

    digzu New Member

    My desktop came with W7 originally, runs 1903 W10 like a charm anyway though so no need to use W7 (not that I like 7 too much anyway...)

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