Windows 7 & 8- Can't download pictures to 8(of course I can't!)

Here I go again with the never ending struggles trying to figure out why Windows 8 works the way it does. My computer is running Windows 7. My wife went to England and took a little over 1,000 pictures that are on 2 sdhc. One is a 2GB and the other is a 4GB.

On my computer plugged both of them in and clicked the "import" button and all was downloaded with zero problems. Tried doing the same with her laptop which has Windows 8 and of course it will not work. When it asks you to import the pictures and you click that it tells you this: "Something went wrong and the Folder couldn't be created and to try again."

Did a google search for this problem and many other people are lost when it comes to this. Why does Windows 7 & 8 have to be so dang different? Anyway anyone have any ideas on how to get the pictures on my wifes laptop? THANK YOU for your help!


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I have no idea about clicking on import to copy pictures.

The method I use works the same for me on Win 7 or Win 8 (XP too). I plug in the sd card, open Windows Explorer, view the sd card contents, select the pics I want and drag them over to the folder on whatever drive I want them copied to and drop them there. Very easy.


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Try this.

Plug in your SDHC card. Open the folder where the pictures are, create a new folder where you want to store them. Go back to the SDHC card, ctrl+a (copy all), ctrl+c (or x if you want to cut them) and go to your folder where you want to store them, ctrl+v (paste).

If that doesn't work, get back to us. I never had any problems with copying photos from sdhc cards on win8...


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Windows 8 has some weird restrictions with creating folders in certain places where you don't have admin control. This is entirely dumb because to circumvent that all you have to do is click approve and it lets you do it, just a pointless step. Importing the pictures might be trying to create a folder where you don't have permission then throwing an error. Try what Punk suggested.

I may be totally wrong about the admin thing but I know I've had issues like that in the past. Either way Punk's suggestion should work. If it doesn't you've got a more complex issue.