Windows 7 image backup problems

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by positron, Mar 24, 2020.

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    I am having some weird problems and need help.

    I have win 7 ultimate, and for over 4 months have had intermittent printing problems. If I use restore,
    the printer works for a while, then intermittently prints partial pages, or none, with error.
    This also occurs after I run Defrag.

    I have used two different programs, malware antimalware and AVG and find zero problems.

    Ok. So am thinking I will restore from my windowsimagebackup 11-14-17. I added the date after I performed my image backup. I will simply remove the date so I just have WindowsImageBackup and do a restore.

    So I went to restore using an image and weird things happen. I also have three other WindowsImageBackups on my external F: harddrive. The three have dates 6-4-19, 2-8-20, and 3-23-20 added so as to not over right them. I want to go back as far as possible to as pristine as possible windows 7.

    However, when I do an image restore, the computer sees F: drive and uses an image 1-20-20. If I had an image from that date, I already deleted it. It is not listed on F: drive.

    What is causing the restore to see an image that has been delted, and what do I do to resture using WindowsImageBackup from date 11-14-17?

    cheers and thanks for any help and time.

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