Windows 7 Starter Upgrade?

Discussion in 'Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones' started by Cburg, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Cburg

    Cburg New Member

    Dear Forum,

    I just bought a new netbook, and it came with the starter version of Windows 7. Does anyone know what more the full version will do?

    Also, I have an old version of XP. Would it run as good?

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  2. powerpack

    powerpack banned

    So much. Starter is only 32bit, does not have Aero and it keeps going.

    Not that it can't be done and some might do but full W7? Starter is a stripped down version that should run better on stripped down systems. Aero is great unless it doesn't work or grinds your system to a halt. I think you should be impressed you have W7 in the first place. It is basically an OS designed to maximize your user experience.
  3. johnb35

    johnb35 Administrator Staff Member

    The starter version is made for netbooks as usually you only get 1gb of ram on them. The whole idea of netbooks is for email and websurfing, nothing else.
  4. flanker

    flanker New Member

    Removing the Windows starter and going back to Windows XP, is a really bad move.:rolleyes:
  5. richardroy

    richardroy New Member

    All you have to do an upgrade key from Microsoft or a local retail store to buy those shiny new starter features.Windows 7 for netbooks use because it puts less between you and makes you to unlock the Wait at least want to click, the less trouble connecting to the network.
  6. flanker

    flanker New Member

    I upgraded my Toshiba N255-250 with two Gb of RAM, also upgraded the OS to Microsoft Windows 7 home Edit. It made my notebook a much better laptop IMHO.:)

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