Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit vs Windows 8 Pro 64 bit?

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by notredameguy10, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. notredameguy10

    notredameguy10 New Member

    I'm doing a build and I can get either (retail version!) at my school for only $55... which would be better? 7 ultimate or 8 pro?

  2. StrangleHold

    StrangleHold Moderator Staff Member

    I prefer Windows 7 myself. But its really personal preference, both are good OS.

    PS, lets keep this thread civil!
  3. wolfeking

    wolfeking banned

    If you have pretty recent hardware (motherboard and GPU), then I would say get windows 8. If you use HD4000 or before AMD graphics, then forget running them in windows 8. It is more trouble than you will want.
  4. spirit

    spirit Moderator Staff Member

    Yes what Wolfe said is good advice. Older hardware, stick with 7, newer hardware, either is a good option.

    Try them both and see what you think.
  5. Shane

    Shane Super Moderator Staff Member

    Personally i say get Windows 7.

    But i agree with spirit,Why not try them both out and see which you like the best.
  6. speedyink

    speedyink VIP Member

    I like and use both. I had no problems running windows 8 on my EEE PC 900HA, which only has the 1.6ghz atom, 2gb ram, and intel gma950. It's just as fast as Windows 7, if not slightly faster, since it seems to be a little better on resources (lower ram usage and less cpu usage). I also found that even without video drivers installed, windows 8's version of aero was still functioned solely on cpu power, and it still worked quite well! Stuck at 800x600 of course though =P.

    To decide it depends on what you're like. If you want upgraded windows features like new task manager, windows backup, start "menu" etc. and are willing to relearn how to use it a little bit, then get Windows 8. If you don't like change and can't stand relearning new things get Windows 7.

    Or try both as suggested, it's highly recommended if you can.
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  7. lucasbytegenius

    lucasbytegenius Well-Known Member

    I'd go with Windows 7.
  8. sncomputer

    sncomputer New Member

    i have similar question .
    i got laptop it has windows 8. which i windows is better for performance according to this spec.?
    - 3rd Generation Intel Core i5-3317U (1.7 - 2.6 Ghz)
    - 14.0" HD BrightView LED-Backlit Display (1366 x 768)
    - Intel HD Graphics 4000
    - 500GB HDD w/ HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
    - 32GB mSATA SSD
    - 12GB DDR3 RAM
    - Beats Audio w/ 2 Speakers & Subwoofer
    - 2xUSB3.0 + 1xUSB2.0, HDMI, RJ45, Head-Out & Mic-In
    - Full-Size US Island-style Keyboard (Backlit)
    - Intel Centrino Bluetooth 4.0 + High Speed
    - WiDi 2.0

    let me know if good idea
    thank you
  9. Shlouski

    Shlouski VIP Member

    I got windows 8 and tried it on my media pc. I had a few problems, mostly to do with my multi monitor setup and at that time skype didn't support file transfer on windows 8, which took me by suprise, so i went back to 7. This was when it first came out, im sure time will improve it. I got more problems moving to windows 7, which i have now and love. Strangely, considering all the problems i read online, i had the least problems going from xp to vista. I think its best to check the compatability of individual programs you are intending to use, make sure they all work properly. Im sure any problems you MAY encounter on windows 8 will be sorted out in time.

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