Windows 7 Upgrade to 10 Not Recognized As Genuine


My Lenovo laptop came pre-installed with Windows 7 64 when I bought it a few years ago. It was fully updated, etc. when I upgraded to Windows 10 last week without issue. But MS is saying that it needs to be activated and is not genuine. Honestly, I am stumped because two other laptops and two PCs that I upgraded within the same week recognizes 10.

Now I can run the laptop fine, do work, etc. But the "Check for Updates" is grayed out. I sure could use your advice. Thanks.


Staff member
Did you use the media creation tool to upgrade it?

Not much we can do if the upgrade didn't activate. You can try going back to windows 7 and then doing the update again. I just upgraded a windows 7 desktop to 10 last week and it worked no problems. Did you run malware scans on the machine prior to upgrading? I always do that along with Ccleaner.


Yes, I used that tool. And, yes, I did my security scans plus CCleaner. From what I have read this upgrade can only be one once and if you go back to 7 but then try to upgrade to 10 again it won't work; anyway that is what I read. I am very tempted to do a reformat and load Linux Mint 19.3. Thanks much for your reply. If you can think of any more steps let me know. Thanks.