windows 8.1 question


I had heard that original windows 8.1 update had an issue with a secure boot water mark. I was wondering if that issue has been resolved.

I have a Dell 15R i5 8GB Ram

I have not had much time to research and see if this has been resolved so I am turning to the trusty people of the forum.

thanks in advance for all the help.


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I think I've only ever had that problem once when a Secure Boot option wasn't set correctly in the BIOS. That was a long time ago and only on one machine I did (and I've done a fair few now - including upgrades from 8 to 8.1 and fresh installs of 8.1).

I think you'll be ok. And if you're not at first, then there is probably a Windows Update which has been released by now to fix it. :good:


Cool thanks a lot for the information. I was thinking that was the case because I had not heard of to many people say that they had issue with it. Just wanted to make sure before I went a head with the update.