windows movie maker webcam failure


when i go to make a vide in movie maker it gives me "a video capture device was not found" even though ive been able to use it through the my computer and webcam just fine but in WMM i go to create a video using it and i get this error...each and every time...restarted the webcam and also restarted the comp and still get this error...just using a nexxtech webcam...what should i do??

attached is error i get and now i get the error tghe device cannot be used at this time becase there hs been an error starteing the device...


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Perhaps the device is not compatible with the programme or the device driver is not 'up to date'. Does it show up in 'hardware & devices' under 'computer' in 'control panel'?, if it does not then the computer is not recognising it.
If it's showing then the computer is recognising it. Have you right clicked on it and then on 'open with' and choose WMM from the list or from 'choose programme'? Assuming you have then it seems like the programme itself is not finding it, I'm guessing here but perhaps you could see if there's an update for WMM. Have you tried any other video capture programme that might be on your PC?, I believe that there are some online ones that you can use. Another option, if it worked perfectly well previously, uninstall the device and the software on disc that came with it and reinstall it again, that sometimes fixes such problems.