WIndows 10 Windows Updates - More Negative News/ Coverage


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It seems as if every day there's bad press on how Microsoft implements updates for Windows 10. I've seen the news on newly installed updates corrupting Windows or deleting files, etc., but compared to previous versions of Windows or compared to other operating systems, is the situation really that bad? Do Android or iOS updates not cause near the same frequency of issues? Or is it just extravagant reporting?

I personally have never had less issues with an operating system. Windows 10 has been flawless. I was a huge fan of 7, but I remember updates causing issues and things breaking, and same with XP.

I don't really understand the negatives associated with "forced" updating; Android requires updates and you can't skip them. If I remember correctly, iOS is the same way. Why would the average user want to skip updates, anyways?


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It's widely overblown. I worked the front lines of this at the shop and 90 percent of perceived issues with it were user directly caused or partially influenced by them. It definitely had some annoyance issues at first in regards to updating but it's a lot better and pretty stable past couple years. I saw more issues with 8 it seemed.


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i agree.ive not had a problem with windows 10 since ive upgraded.and thats been a while.


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I always had a lot of problems with W7 tbh.

Vista and 10 felt unstable at first but they’ve actually matured quite well IMO.