Wireless Adapter Issue


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So after new years I took advantage of a local internet provider deal and got a dual band internet router that has 2.4g and 5g connection. My laptop doesn't support the 5g connection so I purchased an OURLINK dual band wireless adapter and put it into a usb port and it has been working perfect with the 5g network until recently. I cant say exactly when it happened, maybe a few weeks ago I opened my laptop and I cant find the 5g network in where it shows all the nearby connections. I can connect to the 2.4g network fine using the adapter because it shows up in my device manager and when I click "safely remove hardware" to remove the adapter from my laptop, I can see my network disconnect then reconnect using the built in wireless adapter from my laptop and I can see that it dissapears from the device manager list.

I have tried switching the wireless adapter to all of the ports on the laptop, did not work
I have tried resetting my laptop and router, did not work

If anyone could help that would be great, thanks!



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Reinstall of drivers, otherwise it's probably just dying. Those cheapie USB adapters kinda suck and go out a lot.
Also try recovery to a previous date when it was working
That worked for me but you will lose some programs and saved data that wasn’t on your computer at that date
Also turn off windows network adapter power management as it can turn it off to save power
Use recovery as a last resort