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    I have an 87 yr old Mother-in-law living by herself, and she's bent on staying there at all cost! I told her I'm going to place a couple of cameras in the house to be able to check up on her, at times when she doesn't answer the phone.
    Anyway, she has wifi, and I want to be able to install some monitoring software on my end to view and control the cameras real time, and don't know how exactly to make that happen. Was going to use Blue Iris or some equivalent on my desktop pc so wife can check up on her as needed.
    Do I need a FTP web site or......??
    Thanks in advance for any advise.
  2. Agent Smith

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    You can get indoor WIFI dome cameras at Amazon, but the reviews on them are all mixed. I don't have experience in any of these. I thought Amcrest was good, but according to fakespot.com the company grade is less than stellar. You would access the camera via a smartphone or tablet.I think Blue Iris might work. I haven't used it before.


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    Liked the camera in the link to amazon for the "wansview'...seemed that it had a fairly favorable rating so I ordered a couple. We'll see! Thanks Mr. Smith!

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