wireless headphones and speakers for laptop


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i was going to purchase the standard wireless head phones or earbuds from walmart for 15-20$ How do they connect just enable bluetooth on my computer everytime and power on the headphones? Is there a receiver usb needed to plug in on laptop? Some say 6hr or 12hr battery life. Im assuming they come with the ac adapter needed to charge them. Dollar general has a 10$ set of wireless headphones was thinking of trying. Main reason is its a laptop so i can continue doing other things with the speakers left on desk. What cheap set of wireless speakers are good? Worst case is ill just pick up a standard set of pc speakers for 10$ from walmart. Are these enough to power music on my computer. The stock laptop speakers really cant compete or play music very well. Mainly wanting wireless because i dont want to wear out my computers headphone/speaker jack everytime i use it alot of times away from the desk on the futon doing regular activity. Thanks guys hate to waste the 5-20$ you cant return that equipment once opened.
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