Workflow capture software?

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I have an ongoing project that involves moving files and data into a folder structure. I've set up a kind of workflow that involves having the input folder and output folders in separate windows, and the spreadsheet of where the files and data should be going. The project spans both screens and it's kind of annoying to have to keep setting it up all the time when I switch my machine on.

I don't want to leave my machine running overnight, since that's a bit wasteful. Also sleep mode is problematic since it will randomly boot up again for no apparent reason, and in doing so, loudly rev the fans which wakes me up.

Is there any software that can save the way my desktop was set up, so that I can just click on an icon and have it load up everything in the right position for me to continue my work?

Ideally I'd like something that can save different profiles, so I could have everything set up for each project, and would be able to easily retrieve what I was doing whenever I wanted.
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Sleep mode is not the same as hibernation. It doesn't have as much problem. Also, the booting of the computer is more damaging because of the surge.

When the CPU/GPU is not working, the computer uses minimal amount of power.

I think leaving your computer on, with password protection, is your best solution.