Would you guys consider this lens to be in good condition?

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  1. Fatback

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    I am set on buying a Minolta 35-70 f/4 lens for my A230. After looking for a while, I found what seems like a good deal. Its a Minolta Maxxum 5000 SLR film camera with a Minolta 35-70mm f/4 plus a Minolta Maxxum 1800 AF flash plus a skylight UV protection filter, a yellow filter for B&W, a polarizer filter, a body cap and a case for the flash. Considering the lens by itself will be about $40, and for $10 I can have a film camera to play with, and a couple of filters for my new lens. I asked the seller to send me some better pictures of the lens, as the one provided just wasn't cutting it. The lens looks to be a pretty good condition, but I wanted to get some opinion on weather or not I should buy it. Probably not the best place, but I know I can always turn to you guys.

    Pics of the lens(pics are to big, so I'll just post the links)


    So what do you guys think? should I buy? or pass this one up? looks to be nothing more then dust.
  2. Samuel1941

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    I guess no one else wants to tell you that lens is trashed.

    Sorry to be the guy that gives you the bad news, but there is more wear and tear on that lens than just dust!!

    Who ever owns that lens has treated it pretty poorly and I'd be afraid to buy it or anything else from that person!!

    Continue to look...in this economy there are some good buys available on well maintained equipment!!!
  3. Fatback

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    Yeah I pretty much figured all that out myself. After staring at the pic for a while, all the bad thing came out. I also noticed that the Macro button is missing. I ordered a different lens, that is in near mint condition.

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