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  1. superfreak

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    if some of you have watched the movie FF advent children or w.e good ass graphics u kno also same with like polar express and WoW's cinamatic of the game story

    my question to u all is how come we cant play these games in that type of graphics.. play these games as if we was watching a movie like that .. see real other players in that gr8 detail.. they can make movies with this gr8 of graphics why not be able to make playable games in the same type?

    or is their a greater picture here im missing on why we cant
  2. Yasu

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    Because it would take too much power and the production costs would increase a fair amount...Many of the cinematics you see are done by separate companies and not the game developer. I think Blur Studios did one of the cinematics for Halo 3...or was it Halo Wars? Wait 10 years and maybe we'll be playing games with those kind of graphics.(The current hardware available to the public probably isn't powerful enough to run any game smoothly with those kind of graphics)

    On a side note, the file size for those movies is really big. A lot of game developers are ditching CGI cutscenes because they take up too much space on the CD/DVD. Using the in-game character models, light sources, and whatever else saves space.
  3. Archangel

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    because grafic's cards cant handle it either.. I mean.. those are prefabricated movies,.. no realtime animations
  4. mrjack

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    Exactly, they animate the whole movie, then they render it on so called "renderfarms" or clusters of machines. The rendering is done purely on the processor except for some shaders which may be done on the GPU. But usually only on the CPU since it's way cheaper to leave out the GPU from the computers when there can be about 10-1000 computers in a renderfarm.

    Rendering the frames isn't anything that is done fast, for example Pixar stated that one of their frames took about 92 hours to render. That's not what you want in games, 1frame/92hours. :D

    And then you have the physics calculations for clothing and hair, which Advent Children shows.

    And a scene can be very complicated, for example if the scene includes a skyscraper the lightning will be quite complicated as there may only be one light source, the sun, but the light reflected from the windows will be calculated too. Not to mention global illumination where the light will bounce in different ways in a scene everytime something moves and the light map will have to be calculated again. And there can be over 500 000 particles that simulate how light bounces.
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